Bibb – This lettuce has a sweet flavor and tender leaves. Rosette shaped and also known as butter crunch. Perfect on a nice hardy sandwich.


Bramble Blossoms is a family farm hydroponic green house business located in Dorchester County, Maryland. Our greenhouse is a state of the art 3,000 square foot facility. LED grow lights and environmentally controlled climate, allows us to grow  year round. The hydroponic method (using water) is utilized so our lettuce is grown without soil and is pesticide and insecticide free. This allowing it to be much cleaner than field grown lettuce.


We harvest our lettuce daily depending on sales, so your produce is always packed fresh. The lettuce is sold with the roots attached so the product is living and stay fresh much longer then store bought lettuce.


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  • This item is out of stock while we wait for Baby Bibb lettuces to grow to Harvest Size!